A Race to Build in Old City

This post is an example of a cut-and-dry news reblog from The Inky about development. The added value, I think, is a bit of discussion about the folks who oppose the 16-story tower and how that plays with the city’s vision for the waterfront. In addition, the map adds visual context regarding the locations that I think a reader would find useful.

Today The Inquirer has word that three new apartment buildings are planned by the Delaware–two of which are near the Race Street Pier on the eastern edge of Old City, while the third is in South Philly–and all were approved by the Planning Commission. The story doesn’t end there, though, since evidently the 16-story building planned for 2nd and Race–the other two are 12 stories–is not terribly popular with some in the Old City Civic Association. To quote the article: “They have been fighting to keep tall buildings from encroaching on the historic neighborhood. ‘We find this to be an overbuild,’ complained Rich Thom, who heads the group’s zoning committee.” Perhaps some of the local outcry is justified in a neighborhood dominated by lower-rise buildings, but, on the other hand, the tower could quite conceivably increase the popularity of the Race Street Pier–which opened to great fanfare more than a year ago–and serve as a link to areas north of Old City. Not only that, but it would be in keeping with the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation‘s plans to increase the vitality of the Delaware.
Photo of Marina View building on Columbus Blvd. c/o BLT Architects and via Philly.com
Click through for a map of where the three towers are planned…


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